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Sissy husband humiliation

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Sissy husband humiliation

Some men were put on this earth to be an obedient sissy husband and

To be constantly bombarded with the humiliation they deserve and require to function as the best, most seductive and compliant sissy husband.

These men commonly known as sissy girls, sissy boys, pussy husbands, cuckolds, tiny penis humiliation husband and other creative names, the one thing they have in common is the need to find women and many times men who are dominating. Sissy husband humiliation is takes many forms.

Very mild forms of sissy husband humiliation can be as simple as a domineering wife who treats her husband with little to no respect and they see the husband as inferior. There are many husbands that need and attract this type of women, the strong over bearing mother type. There are forms of sissy husband humiliation that take much more extreme forms, having husbands dress as women, gender transformation where the men is transformed by restrictive devices on the penis that shapes and forms them into vaginas. A sissy humiliation husband may experience this type of treatment only in the home but in extreme circumstances they are treated as a full sissy humiliation husband in public too. I have know many a sissy husband that has be subjected to forced feminine discipline in the home, in front of many friends and at time in public. I have a good friend who is a slave sissy husband and is constantly subjected to humiliation. We were recently at a pool party with over 60 people. It was hot and there were many good looking men and women. Most of the women were wearing sexy string bikinis, thongs and the like with men wearing bikinis and shorts.\

My buddy said he did not feel like swimming, it was so hot we could not figure it out. His wife who every one in our group knows treats him as a sissy and subjects him to humiliation all the time came up and demanded that he get in the pool and then after he was done swimming she wanted him to serve everyone drinks. Then she told him don’t you dare change out of your swimsuit. We thought that was odd since he was wearing regular board shorts but she told him to put his shorts over on the bench and go in the pool we were amazed to see him wearing a tiny fem style g-string the design of which made it impossible to tell he had a penis. His suit was smaller then any of the other girls, his body was completely shaved and he looked like he had a vagina. The other men felt his humiliation but he did in fact look very sexy. Many of the other women were into sissy husband humiliation at this party including my wife and they were checking him out touching his man pussy and finding out where his bitch bought the suit. Many of us

Who are treated like sissy husbands and face humiliation on a daily basis new that we too would some be wearing this male vagina suit.

His humiliation was intense has many total sissy husbands came up to him some forced by their wives to touch and feel his pussy. We knew it was bound to get worse for him and maybe us as they day went on. Seeing him

Forced into the humiliation from man to complete sissy women was amazing and being forced to stay that was the entire day in front of all these

People many of whom he did not know. He swim for a while then she told him to come out and serve drinks to people. She would not let her poor husband even dry off. She called him a sissy fag in front of everyone and made him get drinks while wearing his tiny pussy suit. The way he was treated by the women was incredible, he looked so feminine and the women many who had their husband with them treated this man as their own sissy inflecting both verbal and physical humiliation upon him. Many women and some men called him over to see and touch his man pussy, his wife informed him that he was to take any and all humiliation including humiliation of a sexual nature. There a women that called him over and started rubbing his suit, made him turn around with many people watching spit on her finger and promptly inserted her finger in his ass hole banging him as her she would her own sissy husband right in front of all of us. In a twisted way it was a huge turn on to see this sissy husband and the intense humiliation being inflicted on him, so many people discounted him as a worthless sissy and were just as intrigued as I was by the spectacle of this sissy husband being finger fucked in front of us. She bent him over a table a called her own sissy husband over to help, he resisted but she forced her sissy to lick the others hole as he would any other pussy she decided he needed to eat.

All of a sudden many other men who were sissy husbands were forced to strip down in front of the real men and women. I too was pressed into action

When my wife decided I should slip off his pussy suit and suck his cock. I consider myself straight but I would not dare to say no to my domineering wife. I was compelled to act as I know most other sissy husbands would do the same knowing that if I did not par take in this action she might put on a strap on and fuck me right there in front of everyone and most likely, this has happened before have a few other real men get worked up and talk then into doing me too. When I slipped the sissy boys pussy suit off I was relieved to see a very small cock. I know the humiliation he felt must have been intense, his penis could not have been more then a 1” or so and by then everyone at the party was watching waiting to see what would happen. Another women forced her sissy husband to insert his cock in the sissy who was the center of attention. As he pounded the poor man, I gently took his tiny penis in my mouth and started sucking. This sissy was completely shaved and as he got hard I got hard too. His penis hard was just about three inches which drew verbal abuse from the real men, many of the women, and amazingly some of the other sissy husbands felt empowered to inflict humiliation on him. He seemed to be in a lot of pain from the ass fucking but I know my cock sucking made him feel good. As the man fucking him blew a load inside him, he blew a load into my mouth and my wife made me swallow it all. I was finished but the poor sissy husband that was attracting all the attention, had two more sissy husbands who were forced to fuck him and load in his ass. His wife was such a cut bitch, after it was all over she made him squat over a cup and had all the cum flow from ass to cup and she made him drink it. Humiliation complete. I could not stand to watch this spectacle but my wife was so turned on by it she told me I hope you enjoyed that, it will definitely happen to you one day and maybe in front of more people, we better practice with bigger strap-on dildos just in case we get a real stud doing you.

I was mortified by this thought but being a real sissy husband you must be prepared at all times to be subjected to humiliation.




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